Senior Associates

Senior Associates shall carry any of the following responsibilities:

There are two categories of Senior Associates as follows:

-          Senior Associates (Diaspora)

-          Senior Associates (Ghana)

Senior Associates (Diaspora) are African scholars based in universities and other organisations outside Ghana who are involved in or supportive of TEC research activity.

Senior Associates (Ghana) are similar to Senior Associates (Diaspora) except that these are people based in Ghana.

Senior Associates in either category may participate in TEC Fellows Meetings either in person or via the internet/telephone but they shall have no voting rights.

Senior Associates first have to be recommended by a TEC Fellow following which they will be written to by the TEC Director to invite them to become Senior Associates.  A simple reply accepting to become a TEC Senior associate will be required following which a notice shall be sent to all TEC Fellows to complete the process.

Senior Associates shall cease to be so classified if over a two-year period there is no involvement in TEC activities or indication of interest to work with TEC Fellows to develop activities of mutual interest.