DANIDA Scholarships available for 2 PhDs

Published: 02 Oct 2014 Source: The Energy Center, KNUST

Two PhD scholarships are available under the DANIDA programs: Biofuels from Lignocellulosic materials (2GIBIONRG) and Seaweed biorefinery in Ghana (SEABIOGHA).

The research areas are in the identification, characterization and production of enzymes for biofuel production

MSc candidates with the requisite qualifications are required to apply directly using the following websites:



Applications are open until the 10th Oct 2014. Successful candidates will be informed be informed by DANIDA and will undertake the programs for 3 years in Denmark, beginning this year.

Further information can be obtained from Dr. M. Mensah, Department of Chemical Engineering, Email: mymens14@gmx.com