TEC and Ruhr Master School Organise Summer School Programme

Published: 22 Sep 2016 Source: The Energy Center, KNUST

The Energy Center (TEC) of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, in collaboration with Ruhr Master School of Applied Engineering has hosted the first ever five-day Summer School programme in Renewable Energy from 22-26 August 2016. The Summer School Programmes covered four (4) thematic areas in Renewable energy such as Solar (PV and Thermal), Biogas, Biomass Technologies and Energy Efficiency.

Under this cooperation, a team of experts were brought together to share their knowledge in their fields of expertise with Sixty-two (62) participants in attendance of which ten (10) were female and the rest male. Six (6) of the participants were Germans.

The purpose of the summer school was to inform participants on the current trends and development in Renewable Energies through lecture presentations and hands on knowledge through practical workshops.

The course was facilitated by five (5) German experts and five (5) Local experts. Each expert outlined the relevance and application of the subject in his/her home country and how it could be adapted by others.

The five (5) day training equipped participants with knowledge on the future of the energy sector and the need to fully consider Renewable Energy as an option in solving the energy problems in the country. It also strengthened the bonds between Ruhr Master School of Applied Engineering and KNUST.

Ruhr Master School is a cooperation of three universities: Bochum University of Applied Sciences, University of Applied Sciences and Art, Dortmund and the Westphalian University of Applies Sciences.

View pictures of the programme here