TEC concludes first Session of Short Courses for 2016

Published: 08 Feb 2016 Source: The Energy Center, KNUST


The Energy Center has concluded the first in a series of two short courses in renewable energy technologies planned for the year 2016. 

The courses were run from 11 – 15 January 2016 for Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems Design and Installation, and Biogas Systems Design and Construction (both running concurrently).

In all 35 participants from Ghana, Nigeria and Niger were trained, including 7 female participants, among whom was a senior lecturer from KNUST. Participants came from a diverse background and included students, practicing engineers, private RE companies and Technicians. TEC provides special discount to encourage female participation in its training programmes.   

The Solar PV training session was led by Mr Isaac A. Edwin who heads the Solar Energy Applications Laboratory (SEAL) at KNUST. He was assisted by Mr. Robert Kofi Kyere, Technician at SEAL. Participants were taken through various aspects of Solar Photovoltaic Technology including - Solar radiation resource assessment; System Design (Load Assessment, PV array sizing, charge regulators, battery bank, cabling, etc); Installation, System maintenance and Management; Economic Assessment of PV projects. Please click here to download a copy of the course outline. 

In the Biogas course, Dr Elias Aklaku (a Fellow of The Energy Center) led the course together with Dr. Lawrence Darkwah, TEC Fellow and Senior Lecturer at Chemical Engineering Department and Mr Andreas Ahrenbog (a GIZ Technical Attaché). The team took participants through: Introduction to Biogas Technology, Biogas Plant Design Parameters, Site visits and exposure to WASAZA Fixed Dome Design, Site visit and exposure to CAMARTEC Fixed Dome Digester; Gas Piping Techniques, etc. Please click here to download a copy of the course outline. 

Participants expressed gratitude for the opportunity to participate in the training programme. Other comments from participants are as follows:

  • Participants were appreciative of the skills and expertise they have been able to develop with the practical sessions
  • Some participants wanted the number of days extended
  • Quite a number of them also indicated that more time should be dedicated to the practical sessions.

View picture from the various sessions: Solar PV, Biogas Technology

Currently about 390 participants from more than 20 African countries have benefited from training programmes by The Energy Center. At the closing session, Dr. Francis Kemausuor, Coordinator of Short Courses urged participants to encourage their friends and colleagues to participate in future training sessions. He mentioned that TEC would explore the possibility of partnering with the Ghana Institution of Engineers (GhIE) for the May 2016 edition of the short courses.