Jatropha Plantation

NRW JatrophaValue chain assessment of Jatropha Curcas (JC) is key in unearthing the full utilization potential of JC. In the recent past, a lot of investment has gone into the production of JC in Ghana but there is no blue print available in the country on the characterization/ properties of JC, the energy and greenhouse gas balance, and the environmental, land use and socio-economic impact of the JC cultivation system. Therefore, a KNUST led research is ongoing in collaboration with North Rhine-Westphalian Universities, focusing on the value chain impacts of the JC – Bio-oil system in Ghana. As part of the Climate and Resources protection for Economic Development project, funded by the State Chancellery of the North Rhine-Westphalia, a Jatropha farm is being established in KNUST. This is part of activities planned in the short term towards the production of straight Jatropha vegetable oil to feed the Multi-fuel 20kVA Perkins generator provided by NRW.



Dr Joseph Akowuah