Solar Thermal Training Center

NRW Solar Training CenterAt the College of Engineering, there is a great interest in renewable energy and the students are keen to learn more about it. Out of this, an idea to provide a Solar Training Center at the College was raised.

In collaboration with the Faculty of Architecture, a design of a small building was developed. The location of the building is at the central college square next to a bore hole and in front of the Petroleum Block. In order to provide a comprehensive solar showcase at the training center the bore hole became a part of the project. The Energy Center installed at the training center solar technologies as follow:


All parts of the solar technology are hosted on the ground at the new Solar Training Center hence the technology is completely visible and accessible. The next step is to provide a curriculum for the training units. This includes information displays in the building about the solar technology and the economy. There will be a co-operation between the Universities of Dortmund, Gelsenkirchen and KNUST to develop suitable training units. The target groups for the training units will be Architects, Contractor, Plumber, Owners of Hotels and Students etc. An additional outcome of the project is the supply of hygienic water to the Petroleum building of the college.


Mr. Andreas Ahrenbog